Monday, October 28, 2013

Which Is Your Favorite Season?

What do you like best about winter? I know that is a loaded question. It seems people either love winter or hate it. There are a few that want it to snow one time and then be gone. Others want the snow on the ground but not on the roads or walks. Then there are those who want a white Christmas and nothing more. There are the few who want lots and lots of snow. These are usually the kids. They just want to get out of school.

It really doesn’t matter what we want. We don’t have much control over the weather. That really is a good thing, because we could never agree on what kind of weather we should have.

The seasons really are nice, but as I get older I look less and less forward to the cold winter. There are lots of people that like no winter at all. Just look at the number of people who live in California where the weather is suppose to be the most perfect all year round. Then there are those Eskimos who live in the cold and snow almost all year round.

I guess it takes all kinds to make up the world. I don’t think I would like the same kind of weather all year long. It is nice to watch the year go by with the seasonal changes.

Each season has something special about it. Spring with new life everywhere. Summer with everything lush and green. Fall with the many colors of the leaves. Winter with the snow.

Each season also has something that no one likes. Spring with all the rain. Summer with the heat. Fall with the everything dying. Winter with the chilly cold.

So, do you have a favorite season? What is your favorite season?

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