Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pass the Salt and Turn on the Light

Christ seems to be stating quite clearly (Matthew 5:13-16) that the source of our influence as Christians is found in the person we are!!  You are salt not you have salt or you dispense salt.

Only as Christians are salt in our life and character can we exercise the influence of salt in our society.  None of us exercise influence upon other people by our words if what we say is not backed up by what we are.

Salt has a flavoring influence.  Christ is saying that the Christian is to lend flavor to life.  Most think that a Christian life has no flavor – they are wrong.  Christians are to bring out the God-flavors and God-colors in the world around them.

Salt does it most effective work by being brought in direct contact with the substance which it is to work.  So, as Christians, we are not to withdraw ourselves from the world but as the Apostle James says we are to stay "unspotted from the world" (James 1:27).

No one should have to ask, "Are you a Christian?"  Our life should shine a light from the Son.  We should be like reflectors of the Son.

We should shine naturally.
We are to shine sacrificially.  Light is always costly. As a candle burns it grows shorter as an oil lamp burns oil and a wick is being used. We must consider ourselves as expendable. We must be willing to sacrifice a bit of ourselves each day we live.
We should shine openly.  We are never to be ashamed of our relationship with Jesus Christ
We are to shine right where we are.  We are to shine at work; school; neighborhood; grocery store; community; where ever we are.

Is it time for you to be passing the salt and turning on the lights?

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