Monday, September 2, 2013

Who Are You Going To Be? by Kevin Sluder

I remember as a young teenager saying, “I will never be like my parents!” Then I had kids. Suddenly, my parents became smarter, and their rules and morals began to make sense. Today I find I am a lot like them. It’s funny how that happens.

But what if the parents aren't the best, or even a particularly good, example? More often than not, the child will still grow to become what they saw lived out in the home. Most of us said in our youth, “I will never be like my parents!” Most of us are like them anyway.

Maybe that describes you. Do you find yourself today with a child and you long for them to grow up a better way? There is hope, but it has to begin with you. You have to decide who you are going to be. You have to change direction so your child will learn by example. Saying, I will not be like this person or that person will not make a long term difference. You have to decide who you are going to be.

Does that sound like just another burden? I can see how it might, but ask yourself, if you and your child keep going down the path you’re on now, where will it lead? Isn't the future of your child worth the risk of choosing a better path? Of course! So, how do you choose who you should be? Who should you imitate? I can tell you, as a believer, there is only one answer - Jesus. Follow him.

Jesus lived his earthly life concerned only about doing the will of the one who sent him – his Father. Jesus is the greatest example we have of how to live a life worth imitating. Come to Jesus and let him walk beside you. Draw close to God and he will draw close to you. The closer your walk, the better the example your child will see lived out in the home.

As we saw in Pastor Glenn's post on Manasseh, there are no guarantees. Your child will one day have to decide their own path. But know this, your having a personal relationship with Jesus will greatly improve the likelihood your child will grow to escape the cycle and become an example worthy of following.

Sure there will be moments along the way. One day your teenage son or daughter may even declare, “I will never be like you!” When that happens, with Jesus leading, you will be able to face this day with a little more confidence. You may even find yourself thinking, just wait until you have kids.

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